Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Merchant Accounts!

I always write/post news about current financial news currently occurring around the world. Most of these articles are related to companies and their shares. The thing is that, sure, it is great having a source of income by investing in companies, but the bottom goal of any individual should be to actually start their own online business and make a lot more money. Of course, in that case you would require a Merchant Account.

Merchant Accounts are basically used to provide a buy/sell service to the general users. AdvantageProcessors provide these services, and they provide services from credit card processing for online orders to customised shopping carts for your users to place their items in. If you are looking to set up an online retail business, AdvantageProcessors is the place to look first!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Many people email me asking me that how are they supposed to invest in stocks and make money if they don't have the money in the first place. Well, my answer would be to start off small, and then multiply. For those who are certain that they will make quick money (assuming you tips from an 'insider'), loans are possibly the best bet. There is nothing as satisfactory as taking a loan, investing it some stocks, making a crazy profit in one week, selling the stocks off, and then repaying the loan. But just make sure that you do not make a mistake and end up having bad credit loans as that can seriously damage your ratings and investment brokers will be hesitant to work for you in the future. But hey! If you do make a killing by taking the loan and investing, I guess you can finally pay off the mortgages you have on your house!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

BA closer on pension resolution.

BA said it would make a one-off payment of some £800m to the pensions fund, for its 33,500 company pension holders. The Transport and General Workers Union said more details would be given on Monday, giving members time for advice. The proposed payments require staff to accept changes, including increasing the age of retirement to 65.

BA said the plan would make its ongoing contributions affordable. "[It] effectively tackles one of the most fundamental issues we face," said BA's chief executive Willie Walsh. The TGWU, which is BA's largest union with 20,000 members, said the proposal included different contribution levels. The union said it would it would back changes that would ensure the carrier would contribute hundreds of millions of pounds for pensions. Unions have been concerned about the erosion of their members' benefits. The firm's scheme has more than 33,000 active members, 20,000 deferred members and 15,000 pensioners. BA paid £235m into the fund in 2005 and has previously said that unless employee benefits were changed, payments would have to rise to £497m yearly.

The fact is that BA is really struggling to keep up with all these extra costs. Sure, pensions are good, but if it results in the company going under, it really doesn't make sense to not only implement it, but to also give out the highest returns. All being said, I personally would wait a little longer to see how this turns out. I mean, sure they are going to go back into the green zone, but until then, the share prices are just going to wobble back and forth, and quite possible have a fall as well...

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Give $100k. Get big returns. Don't bet on it!

An advisory firm has told me they can help me earn a minimum return of 1 percent per month on a $100,000 investment. As I understand it, they borrow four times the amount you invest to buy blocks of bonds and then somehow simultaneously sell smaller blocks of those bonds.

I've heard that in some months, they have paid out an 8% return. I've been told this company is backed by a very reputable major investment firm and that your money is escrowed so that you can't lose it. Do you think this is a legitimate investment opportunity or a scam? -Vicki, Buffalo, Minn.

Well, generally I woult think of it being a scam, but then again this might work. Personally, I think that it a scam, or rather a scheme to separate you from your money. The reason I cannot say it is a scam is because firstly I do not have the name of the advisory company, nor do I exactly know what is going on. I would stay away from it, but hey, if you have the money just lying there and are filthy rich already, invest it and see what happens (send some my way too!).

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tech rally leads the way

Another steep decline in oil prices helped most of the market but sent oil stocks tumbling.

A variety of technology sectors gained, with computer hardware and software and networking all participating. The influential semiconductor sector bounced, too, thanks to a rally in Intel shares.

After the big run in the second half of 2006, investors are looking for relative bargains in early 2007, and, to some people, the tech sector seems to represent that, said Ron Kiddoo, chief investment officer at Cozad Asset Management.

Last year, the NYSE tech stocks gained just 9.8% compared to 16% at Dow. Thus I think this year with Vista releasing and Apple releasing Leopard, tech stocks will be where it is at.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

'Dip' in Christmas shoppers total

It found that the number of shoppers visiting the High Street in the week before Christmas was down 8%, while the dip for the week after was 6.8%.
Footfall's figures are the latest to suggest a mixed Christmas for shops.
But, online stores are expected to have seen boom in trading prompting industry group IMRG to raise its sales forecast.
IMRG, which represents online retailers, has revised its estimate for the 10 weeks to Christmas from £7bn to £7.5bn.

As I said before, online retailers are going to make a lot of money. Therefore one place to throw your money at is surely going to be Amazon. Buy Amazon stocks before its too late!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Air Asia 'to form UK alliances'

A spokeswoman for the budget airline said Malaysia's transport minister would attend the press conference in Kuala Lumpur.
Her comments came after press reports said the three wanted to start low-cost flights between the UK and Asia.
Virgin would not say whether it had held talks with Air Asia.
Owned by UK entrepreneur Richard Branson, it has two main airlines, London-based Virgin Atlantic and Australian low cost carrier Virgin Blue.
But budget airline Easyjet says it has not discussed any alliance with Air Asia.
Air Asia's founder and chief executive Tony Fernandes has already spoken about his ambition to start long-distance, low cost services.

Another good airlines to invest in is BA and Emirates. They are pretty much the market leaders right now.

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